Porcellini House 1996

Within a small budget this simple house offers generous connection to its rural setting. The Client’s brief was to sensitively place their new home so they could enjoy the whole of their hinterland site, located in Flaxton on the Sunshine Coast.

The site rises gently to the north. By locating a long thin pavilion at almost the midpoint, two outdoor “rooms” are created that have subtle differences in their landscape character. The building’s section moderates between the immediate view of the northern landscape and the broader view of Kondalilla National Park to the south and balances the interior light. The linear planning arrangement allows direct connection of rooms to the northern yard, reducing the need and cost of a built verandah.

A small east-west cut along the contour of the land economically provides car accommodation and storage underneath the house, and also directs entry via the southern stair. The entry sequence responds to both the view and a desire for privacy to the northern spaces and yard.

The house in section scales down to the south to provided protection from the prevailing winter winds and rain, and opens to the north for summer breezes and winter sun. Horizontal sunshading and deep window reveals protect the northern openings. The section promotes the exhaust of hot air during the summer months and allows the deep penetration of sun light to the interior during winter.

Builder: Lofty Howell
Engineer: Peter Taylor + Associates