Gold Coast Rapid Transit

Gold Coast Rapid Transit 2010

The Gold Coast Rapid Transit is a light rail system, running between Parkwood and Broadbeach (approximately 17km) generally within existing road corridors. While the trains would be segregated from existing traffic lanes along most of its route, for short distances they would share road space with other vehicles. The project may form the first stage of a more extensive tram system for the Gold Coast. The locations of up to 16 tram stations have been identified along the route, with major transport interchanges at key locations. During peak hours, services could run every 6 minutes with off-peak services every 20 minutes.

The project is being delivered by the Queensland Government (through the Department of Transport and Main Roads) in partnership with the Australian Government and Gold Coast City Council. The Gold Coast Rapid Transit project has secured funding commitments totalling AUD$949 million from three levels of government. The Queensland Government short-listed three consortia to partake in a Request for Proposal process with the aim to award a design, construct and operate contract for the Gold Coast Rapid Transit.

Clare Design+Richard Kirk Architect (CD+RKA) provided lead design services to one consortium bidding for the Gold Coast Rapid Transit project. The purpose of involving CD+RKA was to provide the consortium with access to high quality design leadership to ensure the built elements of the project will be delivered to high standard commensurate with the significance of the project for the Gold Coast.

Status: Proposed

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